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"New Order, New Hope"

Global economic development landscapes had been undergoing profound changes for the last 30 years. We are now witnessing the end of the world order and the need to look for a new order for the coming decades. The rise of emerging powers is expected to reorder the global economy’s architecture. Since early twenty-first century, developing countries have maintained rapid economic growth and their united strength is approaching that of the Group of Seven industrialized countries (G7). In fact, developing countries like Malaysia have become a new driving force in the global economy. We have begun to participate in top-level global governance design and play an increasingly important role in certain important global institutions. Therefore, it is the time for our entrepreneurs to stand out and creates a new order to propel our nation’s economy…

YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Chang Ko Youn
  • Senior Lawyer
  • Chairman of Perak Transit Berhad
  • Chairman of YPPKM

YBhg Dato’ Jamelah Jamaluddin
  • Chairman and Independent Director of Several Malaysia Public Listed Companies
  • Ex-Chairman and Ex-CEO of Several Investment Banks
YBhg Dato’ Hajah Padilah Ali
  • Deputy Director General of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Ministry of Education Malaysia
Prof. Dr. Mohd Hassan Mohd Osman
  • Professor of UTM, Faculty of Azman Hashim International Business School
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