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Giant Leap Construction Sdn Bhd received 2 awards of Duke Enterprise!

27 Jul 2020

''Giant Leap Construction Sdn Bhd received the award '' The Best Main Contrator'' from YB Datuk Wira Dr. Mohd Hatta Md Ramli, the Deputy Minister of Ministry Entrepreneur Development.''

GIANT LEAP CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD (shortened for GLC), situated in Johor Bahru, is a leading general contractor with G7 license of construction services for railway, commercial, residential, leisure, infrastructures and other relevant projects. It is a branch company of Giant Leap Intelligent Construction Co. Ltd, wholly owned by China’s property giant Country Garden Holdings, a Fortune Global 500 corporate with annual turnover of more than RMB501.8 billion in 2018.
Giant Leap Intelligent Construction Co. Ltd has a registered capital of CNY 1 billion and it is a Grade A qualified organization for housing construction, municipal engineering as well as M&E works. Through promoting updated construction system, information management and techniques of application of robot in construction, the company is committed to the implementation of green building and smart construction. It becomes the pioneer of prefabricated building market and possesses rich experience and huge advantages in Precast design, prefabrication, and collaboration within the whole industrial chain. 
In 2018, Country Garden announced its strategic plan in property development business, robotic industry and modern agriculture, and promised to invest at least RMB80 billion to build a robot valley in Foshan, China to create automated techniques for construction sites, restaurants, smart homes, healthcare, logistics and storage. As its subsidiary, Giant Leap Intelligent Construction Co. Ltd is the pioneer of the new implementation of construction method using Precast system with robotizes techniques. 
GLC has always been following Country Garden’s footsteps closely in expanding overseas markets. Up to today the company has expanded business to Indonesia, East Malaysia, Hong Kong and soon to Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and others. Malaysia will be the hub and will lead the company to move forward into South East Asia market.
Since 2014, GLC have completed nearly 40 large-scale high-rise towers, and now there are 5 on-going projects in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. With excessive experience and advanced cutting-edge techniques as well as excellent project management in terms of quality, progress and safety control, the company has garnered tremendous success and awards in the industry, such as the Golden Eagle Award, JKKP 6 million man-hours without loss time injury, CIDB QLASSIC Award, Country Garden Malaysia Region Quality management benchmark, Excellent Main-Contractor Management and so on.

 ''Giant Leap Construction Sdn Bhd received the award '' The Best Management Practices'' from YB Datuk Seri Rina binti Mohd Harun, the Minister of Ministry Rural Development.''

The company’s strength are as follows but not limited to:
(1)     Established company background with financing advantages: Due to robust and strong company background, our company has high reserve fund that can fully support our long-term operations. Annual construction coverage reaches approximately 1.5million m2 floor area.
(2)     Professional Team: We have a great professional team that provides excellent strategic planning, resources management, project management and solution as well as project financial management.
(3)     Vast local resources: Nearly 200 subcontractors and 100 material suppliers, more than 300 employees and 300 foreign labors, allow us to be more flexible with competitive capabilities in cost, quality and time control.
(4)     Innovative technology: we have a systematic, effective and efficient BIM system, and brought into Malaysia new materials and cutting-edge technologies. Our prefabricated Construction Research and development department and Research Centre is enriched with numerous advanced construction experience and standard effective project management tools.
We are not only at top of building and construction industry, but we also lead the industry today and tomorrow. Hope our existence creates a better society!

Major Projects:
  • Country Garden - Danga Bay, Johor Bahru
An exclusive and unique high end mixed development in the Iskandar area with a total construction area of 600,000m².
  • Country Garden – Forest City Precast High-rise Building Project
First time implementation of industrialize prefabricated method for residential project, a 40-storey high-rise building
  • Country Garden – IBS Factory
Largest IBS factory in Southeast Asia
  • CI Medini – ION AXXES, plot C17, Johor
  • Country Garden – Forest City, Johor Bahru
Forest City is Giant Leap’s iconic project, with a total development area of 21sq km and total construction area of around 4,600,000,000 m².  We were awarded with 1,000,000 m² project.

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