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Joint Organizers

The Malaysia-China International Investment Association (MCIIA) officially launched and opened their first Malaysian office on 27 September 2017, at Medini 6 in Medini City, Central Business District of Iskandar Puteri. The launch was officiated by Tan Sri Tan Seng Leong, Group Managing Director of BCB Berhad who is the Honorary President of MCIIA.

MCIIA is now further expanding their reach with over 200 members nationwide and the numbers are fast growing. The association aims to assist businesses and investors from China particularly from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to invest and set up offices in the 2,230-acre thriving urban integrated township, Medini City. Presence of MCIIA will serve the needs of members who are from various sectors such as manufacturing, property, financial and from chambers of commerce from other parts of China that require business consultation on investment opportunities in Medini City.


The Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) was formed in 1994 to support the implementation of the Government program to promote entrepreneurship through franchising. The formation of MFA was indeed timely as to promote the development of franchising in Malaysia.

MFA serves as a resource center for both current and prospective franchisors and franchisees, as well as for media and the public.

With the formation of MFA, it is hoped that the environment, which is conducive to the expansion of franchising in Malaysia, can be created. MFA has a unique formula of its membership composition. Under one roof are franchisors, would-be franchisors, master franchisees, would-be master franchisees, government agencies and authorities, banks, accounting firms, franchise consultants, attorneys, suppliers and vendor of franchises.

For that matter, everyone involved and would-be involved in franchising are subservient to MFA’s Code of Ethics of A Professional Conduct of Franchise Practitioners and MFA enforce this code firmly yet helpfully.

Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ Development Association (Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia - PUMM) is a multi-racial non-profit making organization. With the support by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, PUMM was established in 1993 by a group of young entrepreneurs lead by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, the CEO of Country Heights Bhd.

PUMM was formed with the primary objective of creating a valuable platform for entrepreneurs especially SMI and SME business owners, to share knowledge, experience, and wisdom, and to create new business opportunities through seminars, forums, workshops, business visits, business study trips etc.

Since its establishment, PUMM had worked very closely with the government agencies to promote business and economic development in the country especially among young entrepreneurs. PUMM had successfully to helped many young entrepreneurs to realize their vision and played an important role in contributing towards the nation economic development. In recognition of PUMM’s contributions, in 1999, the then Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad directed PUMM to assist in the country’s entrepreneurship development efforts through the channel “Majlis Perundingan Ekonomi Negara Kedua (MAPEN 2)”.

National Malaysia-Guangxi Chamber of Commerce is a non-government and non-profit organization set out to:

1. Promote interaction, cooperation, trade development, tourism, culture and education between Malaysia and Guangxi, China
2. Provide fast and accurate information for the members
3. Assist members to get more benefits and meet with the government parties or government agencies between the two countries to manage members' affairs
4. Become a platform for members to exchange views and information as well to promote business, tourism, culture and education between 2 countries
5. Protect and safeguard the legal rights and interests of members as well as to provide advisory services to members in need
6. To promote social & corporate responsibility (corporate & social responsibilities) among members

Smart Borrowers' Organisation of Malaysia (SBOM) is a nationwide non-government and non-profit organization. Committee members are made up by professionals in various fields. One of the motivation of SBOM is to help SMEs with business funding problems. Some of the common scenarios with SME financing include:

  Not being treated fairly or being prejudiced

  No news from banks after loan submission

  Loan approved but with stringent conditions

  Loan approved but loan disbursement was delayed

  No idea where to get business loan

  And etc

Thus, SBOM has set up The Secretariat of Appeal for Banking & Financial Institutions. This activity has been endorsed and supported by 5 State Governments.

Second activity is to assist Malaysian citizen in micro franchising, which is “An Excellent OPPORTUNITY To Be Your Own BOSS”

Third activity is to assist SMEs to apply the governmental innovation grant to develop their personalized  Mobile Apps of which may enhance and promote their business products or services in the most exciting way through information technology specially via social media.

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