A Word from Selection Committee Chairman

YBhg Dato’ Lee Chee Weng
“This is a process of certification, not a mere award presentation.”
Nothing comes without a price. In fact, all successful persons attain their accomplishments with blood and sweat, there is no exception. However, some award events nowadays have lost the true significance of recognitions. Today, we are here to show the way forward in terms of how enterprises and entrepreneurs should be recognized and respected based on their deserved achievements.

The “Lang International Corporate Titan Awards” ignites the passion in me. I feel utmost honored to chair the selection committee of this award which holds a respectful value of award recognition. Great minds think alike. We have gathered another four prominent figures from different profession who also support this meaningful mission of acknowledgement of deserved achievements.

Our award winners will be all rounded because we will follow a set of stringent criteria for the selection of winners. They will be judged from two dimensions – quantitative and qualitative. The assessment includes five different aspects which are creditworthiness/ integrity, financial strength, business growth, positive impact to society and others. True successful players in the marketplace not only should build strong and genuine business, but they should also give back to the society.

We are desperate in producing contributive winners that are real market leaders. Therefore, we will assess all nominees carefully instead of compromising the standard threshold or lower the bar. Identifying outstanding, genuine and trustworthy entrepreneurs as well as enterprises is the responsibility of our team.

This noble mission is a long run, and it is the propeller to move us forward. I would rather call it a process of certification than an award presentation. This awards will become the trusted reference for the business associates, bankers, investors and so forth. Only those that are truly qualified will receive our recognition. The winners will be monitored closely for every two years and we will not hesitate to dispel the recognition if they do not keep up with their good work. Let us work together to build a more genuine and ethical society.

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