Awards Categories

Award Categories by Nomination

A. Lion Cub Awards
I. Has no existing adverse remarks i.e. summons, writs, bankruptcy, winding up, proceedings, petition, foreclosure and criminal breach of trust.
II. The company's business activity has no negative impact to society.
III. Displays good potential to become successful player in the local marketplace in the near future.
IV. Nominated by prominent institutions, international bodies, professional bodies, government bodies & etc.

B. Best-Of-The-Industry Awards 

Earl Enterprise (3-star), Marquis Enterprise (4-star) and Duke Enterprise (5-star), based on their business performance.
  • Best in Manufacturing
  • Best in Retail & Wholesale
  • Best in Services
  • Best in Education & Training
  • Best in Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry
  • Best in Beauty & Healthcare
  • Best in Restaurants & Specialty Lodging
  • Best in E-Commerce, ICT & Telecommunication
  • Best in Transportation, Logistics & Storage
  • Best in Construction & Property Development
  • Best in Engineering, Technology & Laboratory
Grade Criteria
Earl Enterprise

a) In operation for less than 2 years or
b) Annual sales turnover less than RM 5 million or
c) The company consists of less than 75 full-time employees or
d) At least record profits in the current year or
e) Displays great potential to become successful players in the local and international marketplace.

Marquis Enterprise

a) In operation for more than 2 years or
b) Annual sales turnover is between RM 5 million to 
     RM 50 million or 
     For services, E-Commerce, ICT & 
     Telecommunication sectors, 
the sales turnover is
     above RM 1 million or the businesses are in 

     growing trend from year to year or making profit
     with innovative
 approach implementation.
c) The company consists of 75 to 200 full-time
     employees or
d) Record profits for the past two years or
e) Has shown impressive performance in a particular
Duke Enterprise

a) In operation for more than 5 years or
b) Annual sales turnover more than RM 50 million or
c) The company consists of more than 200 full-time
     employees or
d) Must record profits of more than RM 1 million in the
     current year or
e) Recognized by prominent institutions, international
     bodies, professional bodies, government bodies etc
f) Has attained remarkable achievement in a
    particular industry.


C. International Super Enterprise Awards 
a) Foreign enterprise with annual sales turnover of more than RM 100 million or
b) Recorded net profit of more than RM 5 million annually or
c) Acts as a platform and channel for local businesses to expand their business
     towards the global marketplace or
d) Contributes significantly to the growth of local entrepreneurs or local

Award Categories by Invitation only

Contributes significantly to promote the business growth in Malaysia.


Has remarkable achievement in particular industry.

C. EXEMPLARY FIGURE (Lifetime Achievement)

Contributes greatly to the Malaysia's economy or directly / indirectly elevate the reputation of Malaysia. 

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