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Organizing Secretary

Mr Hing Soon Huai
''Root in Local, Excel in Global. Resource Sharing, Mutual Winning.''
First of all, I would like to thank the organizing committee for placing the trust and confidence in me to assume the title of secretary. I feel extremely honoured to be a part of this noble mission to identify truly outstanding, genuine and trustworthy enterprises both locally and internationally.

Initially I was attracted to this award title namely the “Lang International Corporate Titan Awards” because the word “Lang” instills curiosity in me. When I got to understand the meaning behind it, I felt the enthusiasm to work together with the organizing team. What inspires me more is that we not only want to produce a certification which recognizes those who really deserve, but also cultivate the courage to reform and create miracles.

As a Malaysian, this year I grew more patriotic from the historic victory that we have made and believed every one of us could contribute to save the country. Therefore, when this opportunity came to me, I was more than happy to accept the responsibility as a secretary because I wanted to contribute again, but this time round, to the corporate development. Most importantly, the awards does not end at the award presentation as it will continue to focus on the post-event resource integration that will benefit the winners and help them to expand business to greater heights.

All in all, I am excited to witness the success of this prestigious industry-award event and I promise to give out my best. I strongly believe this prestigious event will root in local and excel in global. It will not only contribute to the corporate development in Malaysia, but will also receive overwhelming response and outshine in the international arena.


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